1 & 2 - Data collection: get a broader perspective

We collect the data reported by you, the other actors in your business association (i.e. product referentials, sales, volume, value)., and complementary data in open source. We can work with both structured and unstructured data

3 - Quality input leads to quality output

You can’t make an informed decision without verified data to support it. We make sure the data we collect is suitable for analysis, so you can spend less time double-checking it, and more time deciding.

4 - From valid data to data that makes sense

We ensure the whole curation process to deliver data that is trustworthy reliable and with the best possible level of integrity.

5 - A single version of the truth

We produce a single version of the truth : a consolidated  Golden Record from which you will leverage your data to optimize your business plans and gain new insights on your market. You now have a reliable basis to decide the future of your global marketing strategy with our solutions

6 - There is no trust without security

All data collected is anonymized to protect participants’ interests.

Confidentiality, disclosure, and granularity levels are defined together with your business association beforehand so we can ensure a solid basis for a trustful partnership.

7 - Visualize your data

Visualize the innovation and growth of your market easily with tailored dashboards delivered online or offline

A partner to be trusted with your data

Combining a 20+ years-long experience in the Health market and expert know-how in data-management, we understand the needs of its different actors, no matter which segment they operate in :


  • Medical Devices
  • Pharma
  • Food Supplements

Identify New Growth Opportunities For Your local and Regional Business

Analyze Strategies of Your Peers & Partners protecting your interests

Identify Adjacent Opportunities Related to markets

Track Latest Industry Developments and Competitive Updates Related to product Portfolio

Assess New Growth Opportunities in your current or future Industry Segments and territories

Protect your interests by sharing your data with selected peers with high degree of confidentiality

Own your data to build your market access strategies and manage local negotiations with regulatory bodies


Market Studies

Access a greater understanding of your market’s trends through tailored studies delivered both offline and online on our SaaS platform.

Business Consulting

Based on your own datasets, support your marketing efforts together with contextual data and our team of business analysts to define the best course to optimize and grow your activities

Performance Management

We provide you with the BI tools you need to identify key objectives and incentives and integrate local and global distribution data to design effective performance plans


Market Studies

  • Define and harmonize your product referential with those of your competitors


  • Assess your performances on international markets


  • Identify the impact of E-commerce on traditional distribution channels


  • Visualize your surveys through a secured SaaS portal through dashboards or offline files


  • Follow closely the latest trends and innovations in your market


  • Calculate your pricing strategies according to your competitors’ positioning


  • Facilitate reporting to investors with comprehensive and accurate figures on the global scale

Business Consulting

  • Find untapped growth opportunities


  • Prepare foundations for forecasting


  • Embed Data Management best practices in your day-to-day operations


  • Find the best distribution channels for your products


  • Set up marketing plans and campaigns for future and existing products


  • Optimize your investments to maximize your returns


  • Refine your KPIs to optimize your strategic actions

Performance Management

  • Monitor performance objectives for your marketing and sales teams based on customized KPIs


  • Leverage your customer data to optimize your pipelines and increase your conversion rate


  • Deep dive into your customer behaviour with augmented CRM capabilities


  • Facilitate your planning and maximize the impact of your marketing campaigns


  • Enrich your vision with qualitative contextual data to anticipate the future development of your market


  • Detect weak signals in your business environment to stay one step ahead from your competitors


  • Report a single version of the truth from the board to local teams through intuitive visuals.


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You are curious about our services and want a preview of what we can do for you, book a free demo and see for yourself!

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